Source: Politico

Republican victories in the early part of this decade cemented their ability to gerrymander the state without input from Democrats in how maps are drawn. Politico reports that, in 2020, control of the map-drawing process is on the ballot in North Carolina.

Advocates for fairer redistricting hope that a shift of power in North Carolina will lead to a more equitable election process where one party doesn’t dominate even though they receive nearly equal vote shares statewide.

“North Carolina and Texas have a history of some of the worst gerrymandering in the country,” said Kelly Ward Burton, the president of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee told Politico. “And so the ability to move from extreme gerrymandering into fair maps is incredibly notable.”

Democratic candidates in North Carolina have been bolstered by fundraising, an indicator of enthusiasm from voters who want to see an end to Republican dominance in the legislature. “The numbers from the last quarter were a complete wake-up call for our party,” a Republican operative said.

Most competitive seats for Democrats are expected to be in areas around Charlotte and the Research Triangle, Politico reports

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