Source: ABC11

After two months without seeing his nanny, seven-year-old Curtis Rogers knew she probably missed him. And upon learning that her senior prom had been canceled due to the coronavirus, Curtis decided that he would throw her a prom himself, ABC11 reports.

“I planned it out because Rachel probably wanted to see me a lot,” Curtis told ABC11. “She also is one of the best people I’ve known.”

Rachel said she was a bit sad putting her dress on knowing that it wouldn’t be worn at her senior prom, but Curtis’ makeshift prom lifted her spirits.

“After leaving it and having that time with him because it was the first time I had seen him in two months, it was like, really fun, and I’m really glad that he did that,” she told ABC11. 

Curtis collected all of Rachel’s favorite foods and set up the event in the backyard, even adding a pool noodle to make sure they kept a safe distance. 

“He was really excited for it to start and make sure he was ready to impress her,” Curtis’ mom Elissa said.

Elissa added that the two are very close. “They have tons of fun. She’s really become a special part of our family. We love her. She’s awesome.”

Governor Cooper tweeted about the event, saying that the pandemic has “also brought out the best in our communities.” 

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