Source: Spectrum News

Ivy the Aussie isn’t like other dogs. She’s a quick learner, loves doing tricks and has been painting for five years. Ivy lives in Charlotte and is owned by Lisa Kite. Lisa says Ivy has had her work sold to clients across the world, including France, Thailand and Germany, according to Spectrum News.

Because of the coronavirus, Lisa has opted to make sure all of the profit from Ivy’s paintings helps benefit those affected. The money goes to Second Harvest Food Bank and, thus far, the team has donated five thousand pounds of food to the program, Spectrum News reports.

“It’s not a money maker for me by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s just a really great way for me to be able to give back,” Lisa told Spectrum.

The list of commissions has continued to grow, so the process fulfilling orders could be a long one. Some Ivy originals are available on their website to purchase now.

Even before the coronavirus the paintings were not for profit. Local charities like the Humane Society have received all of the profits from Ivy’s work.

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