Source: Travel and Leisure

Later this month a comet known as C/2020 should be visible from Earth, according to Travel and Leisure Magazine. Those who keep track of such events were surprised about the comet and its performance.

“Still not a spectacular comet, but with a bright nucleus and prominent tail. And so far it’s much better than the last two comets that were predicted to be knockouts,” astrophotographer Zolt Levay wrote on his Facebook. The comet is already bright enough for one to see it with binoculars.

Comext expert John E. Bortle said he’s been amazed at the performance of the comet.

“Theoretically, the comet shouldn’t still be brightening noticeably, as its distance to the sun is undergoing only a small reduction day-to-day at this point, making me think that the comet’s current brightness is not being governed mainly by its distance from the sun but, rather it is experiencing some manner of progressive slow outburst,” he said.

Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner tweeted that the comet was visible from the Space Station, and was the “brightest one over the last 7 years,” according to Travel and Leisure.

Starting July 12, the comet will become more easily visible. On July 22 and 25, the comet will again make close approaches that are “excellent” viewing opportunities. Make plans now: C/2020 won’t be around again until about 8,786. 

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