Source: Salisbury Post

Anita Heggins and Isabelle Samuels were friends in Salisbury nearly forty years ago, but Heggins thought she had spoken to her friend for the last time when a neighbor informed her that Samuels passed away after an accident with a bus. As it turns out, Heggins received bad information from the neighbor and Samuels actually survived her accident. 

Two years ago, a friend was describing to Heggins a woman in her 90s that she was taking care of as a home health care provider. The more she heard, the more she thought it sounded like her old friend Isabelle. The two made their way over to Samuels’ home and walked up to the door, the Salisbury Post reports.

“I knocked on the door. I heard that little voice. She just fell in my arms. She said Anita where have you been?”

Recently, Heggins and a few friends hosted a birthday party for Samuels’ 100th birthday, even though Samuels was hesitant to be dragged to her own party.

“She said I’m tired of y’all bossing me around. I really don’t have to go anywhere because I’m 100 years old,” Russell recounted.

The Salisbury Police Department made an appearance, turning on their lights and sirens to celebrate Samuels’ centennial. 

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