The Josh Stein for Attorney General campaign released a statement listing 40 law enforcement officials who endorsed Stein for reelection. The list highlights both Republicans and Democrats across the state who say that Stein is the clear choice and deserves four more years in office.

“I’ve worked with both candidates for Attorney General, and I can tell you that Josh Stein is the clear choice,” District Attorney Locke Bell, a Republican from Gaston, said in the release.

Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood, a Democrat, said that Stein’s work on testing rape kits merits four more years serving North Carolina.

“As Attorney General, Stein is leading the effort to test rape kits and put rapist behind bars. That’s why law enforcement across North Carolina support Attorney General Josh Stein,” Blackwood said.

Another sheriff, Clee Atkinson from Edegecombe, said that “North Carolina families are safer because of Attorney General Josh Stein.”

“I’m proud to have the support of this bi-partisan group of Sheriffs and District Attorneys,” Stein said in the press release. “These men and women go to work every day to make our communities safer. As Attorney General, I will continue to work closely with them to protect the people of North Carolina.”