Source: NCDOJ Press Release

Attorney General Josh Stein filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this month in support of the Affordable Care Act. A case brought by the state of Texas and the Trump administration could potentially unravel the entire program, “putting the health care of tens of millions of Americans at risk,” according to the press release from NCDOJ.

“The current pandemic makes clear that access to health care is a matter of life or death for millions of North Carolinians,” said Attorney General Josh Stein in a press release. “The Affordable Care Act protects more than 4 million people with pre-existing conditions from discrimination by insurance companies, expands access to coverage for more than 500,000 North Carolinians, and helps seniors save on drug costs. All of that is at risk. That’s why I am taking the fight to defend people’s access to affordable health care to the United States Supreme Court with this filing.”

According to the press release, the decision to disband the ACA would threaten protections for 133 million Americans who have pre-existing conditions. 

Stein says that the ACA is vital for millions of North Carolinians’ health care. The press release states that more than half a million people gained health insurance between 2010 and 2015 under the ACA in North Carolina. More than 70,000 were able to stay covered on their parents’ insurance and more than 400,000 working families received subsidies. 

Stein also said that the ACA is vital to North Carolina’s health care industry, with some $31.4 billion in potential losses over the next decade if the ACA is disbanded. Uncompensated care costs would increase as well, forcing insurance premiums up for every North Carolinian.

Read the full press release from NCDOJ on the Affordable Care Act here.