Source: NCDOJ Press Release

The price gouging law that protects people from scammers is now in effect in North Carolina, Attorney General Josh Stein announced in a press release. Governor Roy Cooper announced a state of emergency in North Carolina which activates the price gouging law. Price gouging occurs when a person or business charges an unacceptably high price for something in shortage during a time of crisis.

“It is illegal to charge excessive prices during a state of emergency,” Stein said in the press release. “If you see businesses taking advantage of this crisis, let my office know and we will work to hold them accountable.”

The NCDOJ asks consumers to report potential price gouging by calling 1-877-5-NO-SCAM or by visiting their website

Stein’s office has “won more than $725,000” across previous judgements for price gouging lawsuits during hurricanes in 2018.

Read the full press release from NCDOJ here.