Source: CBS News

“Do NOT do what the President directs,” Attorney General Josh Stein tweeted. The statement was in response to President Trump once again suggesting voters in North Carolina should vote absentee and then go to their polling place to confirm if their vote was counted, CBS News reports.

Doing so could result in people voting twice, Stein says, which is illegal in North Carolina and in federal elections.

Stein added that ensuring one’s vote is counted is easy in North Carolina. The North Carolina State Board of Elections provides a ballot tracker to follow the progress of absentee votes. “The only GOOD thing about the President’s tweet is that he FINALLY encourages voters to VOTE BY MAIL,” Stein added.

North Carolina’s voting system is set up to prevent double voting because they track a voter’s ballot once requested. “Therefore, voters who have already mailed ballots will not be allowed to cast votes on Election Day,” CBS reports.

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