Source: ABC11

Attorney General Josh Stein warned consumers against falling for a scam involving “contact tracers.” The state is hiring hundreds of people to work as contact tracers to help track the spread of coronavirus and help people isolate themselves if they may have been exposed. But some are taking advantage of the news to steal personal information, ABC11 reports.

“It says we are a tracer and you have come into contact with someone with COVID-19 click this link to learn more,” Stein says. “If you click the link, it gives them access to your computer, your financial information, and it will steal your personal information.”

The scammers are parading as legitimate businesses but under more scrutiny, there are ways to tell whether an email is real or not. Scammers often use emails that are not associated with the real company, ABC11 reports.

ABC11 also reports that scams can occur via phone calls as well. They recommend against giving any personal information on the phone and, if you question whether a call is legitimate or not, you should contact the company in question directly.
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