Source: WNCN

As North Carolinians begin to receive stimulus checks from the federal government, Attorney General Josh Stein is working to ensure debt collectors or scammers don’t get their hands on the money first, according to WNCN.

Social security checks cannot be garnished by debt collectors, and Stein says the same should be true for stimulus money. He coordinated with 24 other attorneys general to send a letter to the United States Treasury Department looking to ensure that won’t happen.

“It’s not to be taken by a debt collector before you have a chance to spend it,” Stein said.

In the letter to the federal government, the attorneys general said, “The States request that Treasury immediately take any and all actions to designate CARES Act payments as exempt from garnishment,” and saying they do not believe that, “the billions of dollars appropriated by Congress to help keep hard-working Americans afloat should be subject to garnishment.” 

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