Source: Stateline

According to Stateline, “states are desperate for medical supplies” and “governors are pleading with the federal government to secure dwindling lifesaving equipment.” Local businesses in North Carolina, for example, have transformed their production to respond to a new type of demand.

In Forsyth County, one distillery is prioritizing sanitizer over liquor. Broad Branch Distillery in Lewisville gave away some 300 bottles of the sanitizer on their first day earlier in March. “We can do something while we’re making liquor besides just keep people company in their homes while they’re stuck,” distiller Joe Tappe said. 

Multiple companies across North Carolina have momentarily pivoted away from their traditional products in an effort to help make medical masks. 

In Conover, Nufabrx is making medical masks, and in Gastonia, Parkdale Mills is joining with Winston-Salem based Hanesbrand in building a manufacturing supply chain for masks. 

Governor Cooper has encouraged companies in North Carolina to move production toward creating masks, gowns and gloves, WXII 12 reports. “There isn’t enough on the market to go around,” Cooper said, noting that most orders for needed items and equipment were going unfilled.

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