Source: Bladen Journal

Anthem Displays is the lone producer of fully American-made digital billboards in the nation. They’re now expanding their business to bring the entire production process under one roof in Elizabethtown. The facility comprises more than 26,000 square feet, the Bladen Journal reports.

Nico Marais describes the move as a way to maximize production.

“We’ve made it so each worker has everything right where they are at, just turn, no movement,” Marais said. “If they have to take steps, that’s time. That’s waste.”

Previously, part of the production took place in Boulder, Colorado. By combining production under one roof, they expect to save money on rent and transportation. 

“It’ll be nice to be in one place,” Marais said.

Bladen Community College has played a role as well. The local school is training workers to fill the new jobs heading to the county. 

The N.C. Department of Commerce expects the move to create $3.6 million in investment for Elizabethtown.

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