Source: WRAL

Christina Koch has had quite a year. The NC State graduate and NASA astronaut just returned from a nearly year-long spaceflight, 5,248 orbits of Earth, according to WRAL. Now firmly back on Earth, she’s in isolation at her home in Galveston, Texas.

In her interview with WRAL, Koch said she was thankful to have some time to eat out, go shopping and see acquaintances before having to stay inside due to the coronavirus pandemic. Koch spent time in the Triangle before she returned to Texas.

There have been some adjustments since she returned from space. “It is finally sinking in,” Koch said. “I had to learn how to walk again and how to not get motion sick.”

Koch grew up in Jacksonville, NC, and has been a fan of the coast and outdoors her whole life. “The water inspired me to love things that make me feel small,” Koch told WRAL. “Things that help me realize how big and vast everything is.”

After 328 days in space in practical isolation, Koch has some advice for us here. “I think, as we wear on, some of us might find we are losing that ‘oomph,’ that vigilance,” she said. “Set a schedule, get outside and exercise and remain vigilant. Think about the things you have in this moment that you may never have again.”

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