Source: WRAL

Attorney General Josh Stein spoke out about the potential for the United States Postal Service to be undermined leading up to the November elections, WRAL reports.

“Pres. Trump admitted to trying to starve USPS of money so it can’t deliver absentee ballots. His political appointee/donor is actively undermining timely mail delivery. USPS just warned NC about ballot delays. I am reviewing all legal options to protect this election,” Stein tweeted.

Stein made the statement following a letter from the Postal Service to a number of states, including North Carolina, that suggested that absentee voting processes could be incongruent with the ability of the post to deliver ballots before the deadlines, WRAL reports.

Stein went on CNN to speak about the potential for multiple attorneys general to file a suit against the federal government.

“In an era of pandemic, it’s a way for people’s voices to be heard in this election by voting, so we will protect the postal service this cycle,” Stein said

“The Postal Service is the definition of an essential service,” said Attorney General Josh Stein. “People depend on the Postal Service’s timely delivery to operate their small businesses, get their prescriptions, and receive mail in rural areas. And in this pandemic, it is a necessary way for people’s voices to be heard by voting. In North Carolina, people have requested mail-in ballots in record numbers for our upcoming elections. To my fellow North Carolinians: Know that you can vote safely, your vote will count, and the results will reflect our collective will. I will do everything in my power to protect the Postal Service, stop the president from undermining our democracy, and ensure North Carolinians’ votes are counted.”

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