Source: CBC Editorial

As North Carolinians across the state march to address racial inequalities in law enforcement, Governor Cooper is listening and taking action. 

“Tuesday Gov. Roy Cooper showed he is listening, even as the leadership of the General Assembly displayed astonishing tone deafness,” the CBC editorial author writes.

Cooper made solid steps toward state agencies under his direction, asking them to take “immediate, specific steps to address systemic racial discrimination in the conduct of their duties,” the editorial writer said.

The editorial also notes the creation of a meaningful Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal Justice. The effort will “take a broad review of law enforcement policies and training to eliminate ‘disparate outcomes in the criminal justice system for communities of color,’” the editorial adds.

Meanwhile, Cooper’s efforts stand in “vivid contrast” to the actions, or lack thereof, of the General Assembly, “where the leaderships’ response to the popular outpouring has been muted and tepid.” 

While the General Assembly has created toothless task forces “offering inexperience and procrastination,” the governor has taken steps to move now.

“The governor recognized action now – just as much or even more so than more study – is what citizens legitimately demand.”

“He’s listening and acting. Others need to take his cues.”

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