Source: CBC Editorial

While Republicans push for North Carolina to reopen rapidly, Governor Cooper is taking an even-keeled approach. In no part of life is that more important than in the safety of our state’s children and the reopening of schools this fall.

The CBC Editorial Board noted that Republican leaders are, without merit, pushing for a full reopening of schools in North Carolina. The movement is headed by Senate Leader Phil Berger, “who is a lawyer, not a doctor or public health expert.” Berger goes on to assume that school can go on as planned without any repercussions.

“How does he know?” the CBC asks. “Even if he is 100 percent right that school kids who have the virus won’t get sick, — and he’s not – what about the 174,000 adults in the schools? What about the parents and other adults in the lives of the 1.6 million school kids?”

Contrast that cavalier approach to the measured alternative Governor Cooper provides:

“This is an executive decision. Gov. Roy Cooper has been deliberative. Rather than relying upon fads, hunches, hopes and tweets, he’s drawn upon experts in medicine, public health and education to guide the decision he’s expected to announce today.  North Carolina is blessed with the best.  He’s not relying upon the latest hot tweet or pseudo-scientific window dressing that flashes across social media.”

As North Carolina moves to reopen schools while protecting students, parents and educators, North Carolina benefits from the deliberate approach Governor Cooper provides.

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