Source: CBC

In an editorial, the CBC writes that Senator Berger’s positions on school spending “sounds like he wants to give up on public education and send kids to private schools or privately-run schools – and use taxpayer dollars to do it.” 

Even as Senator Berger is as responsible as anyone for North Carolina school funding, he writes that “The public school establishment is failing the very children it is supposed to serve.” The CBC writes that “we don’t understand why Berger seems to demand a one-size fits all solution over the flexibility Cooper’s plan offers local districts.” In reality, they write, the state is failing to live up to “its constitutional promise to the children of North Carolina.”

The Leandro decision, rendered earlier this year, said that the state is falling short in its constitutional mandate to fund public schools. All the while, “Berger’s been big on telling public schools what to do and how to do it – and it’s too often been misguided and underfunded,” the CBC writes.

“Why would Berger be pushing the private school voucher program rather than supporting the public schools he’s responsible for properly funding so, when it is safe and healthy, there are the facilities and staffing appropriate to a quality public education?” the editorial asks.

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