Source: Associated Press

Major Brian Minietta has served the 3rd Special Forces Group for two years. Based out of Fort Bragg, the soldiers who are more commonly known as Green Berets are used to being deployed in the Middle East. Now, they’re adjusting to sticking around the base. Soldiers and the clergy who serve them are adapting to this new reality, the Associated Press reports.

Some of the regular activities on base persist, but for the most part training sessions have come to a halt. Without the ability to congregate regularly, chaplains have resorted to a digital-first approach.

Maj. Minietta is a clergy member at Fort Bragg. He produces videos of his sermons which are then uploaded to a Facebook group for the soldiers to view. Getting to know soldiers and earning their trust is a long process, he told the Associated Press.

Another chaplain is adjusting to the changes in worship as well. When Capt. Scott Britton delivered his Easter sermon, he stood on an empty porch. The message was received by 35 soldiers who were training in the field. They tuned in via phone, the Associated Press reported.

Maj. Minietta says in his most recent message that patience is essential. Quoting Guns N’ Roses, he told the soldiers, “May we remember that Axl Rose ultimately had it right. All we need is a little patience.”

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