Source: BusinessNC

Governor Cooper received praise from Charlotte businessman Robert Stolz over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, BusinessNC reports. Stolz is the retired CEO of the Wurth Group in North America and a former chair of the N.C. State Economic Development Board and the NC Chamber. 

According to BusinessNC, Stolz says Cooper has been handling the coronavirus pandemic well, particularly given how difficult the decisions have been to make. 

“I’ve been so pleased and proud of how Governor Cooper has handled this pandemic. He has to walk such a fine line by balancing the state’s economic issues with our health care needs. Literally life and death decisions. I cannot imagine a more difficult or stressful time to be governor of our great state,” Stolz said.

While other states have acted too quickly to relax restrictions, Stolz says North Carolina is finding the right balance.

“When I look around the country, we see divergent views on how other states are handling matters: More restrictive in the North. Wide open in Georgia and the Deep South. And the Old North State seems to have threaded the needle as best as it could. It seems we are safely re-emerging out of this virus,” Stolz told BusinessNC.

Stolz said that the professionalism Cooper brings to the job has made him proud to be a North Carolinian.

“I also would say that Governor Cooper has made me proud to be a North Carolinian. His press conferences, while a little low key, are so professional and organized. Not some wild-ass crazy reality show set. And you can feel his empathy for his constituency. Again something not seen in other places.”

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