Source: North Carolina Health News

Charlotte doctor Nima Eftekhary contracted the coronavirus and fought the virus, saying, “It’s not even close to the flu.” Now, he’s donating plasma to help combat coronavirus in any way that he can.

Eftekhary says that it’s important that people take the virus seriously and to listen to what health experts have to say. He also said the politicization of the virus has been troubling, North Carolina Health News reports.

“It’s getting a little overboard with the political agenda,” he told North Carolina Health News. 

The Charlotte doctor also said that donating plasma could be a useful way for people to channel their support for victims of the pandemic.

“It’s something you’re doing to help somebody else,” he said. But the process isn’t entirely simple. “It takes a lot of time.”

Eftekhary also said that people should heed advice from health experts when they speak about efforts to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

People ought to wear masks, he says, because it helps to protect vulnerable populations who are more likely to struggle fighting off the virus.

“This is real,” he said. “It’s not a conspiracy theory.”

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