Source: Charlotte Observer

The Charlotte Observer editorial wrote a scathing piece criticizing Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and his lawsuit against Governor Cooper. The editorial writers cited Forest’s numerous campaign low points, including “dabbling publicly in white nationalism” and suggesting that he wouldn’t have shut down bars and restaurants as the coronavirus began to spread into North Carolina.

Despite attempts to draw press and improve in the polls, “inexplicably, Forest is still trailing,” they write.

Now, desperately seeking relevancy, Lt. Gov. Forest has filed a lawsuit challenging Governor Cooper’s authority to mandate quarantines and business closures to protect public health. The Cooper Administration has cited statutes indicating there is no legal basis to his argument.

The lawsuit, as the editorial writers put it, is “a 60-yard Hail Mary with a 30-yard arm.” Additionally, of the five other Republicans on the Council of State, “no one else… has joined or even rallied behind the lieutenant governor in his lawsuit.”

The editorial suggests that the “stunt” is doing North Carolinians a favor by showing how poorly Forest would govern the state:

For now, he’s just a candidate, but he’s also a standard bearer for the state GOP, and he’s a lieutenant governor who is threatening to sue his boss. Not surprisingly, that’s grabbed some national headlines and cable news crawls, which not only is an embarrassment to Forest, but to his state. That’s not good for anyone in North Carolina, but Dan Forest wasn’t really thinking of anyone else this week. He was trying once again to say anything to bring himself and his foundering campaign some attention. It’s a wonder that hasn’t worked so far.

Read the full editorial from the Charlotte Observer here.