Source: Charlotte Post

The Charlotte Post, which calls itself the leading source of news for the African-American community in Charlotte, threw their support behind Governor Cooper and Yvonne Holley in the upcoming election for governor and lieutenant governor.

“This race is an easy call,” the Post writes about Cooper. “Gov. Cooper, the incumbent, has been a steady hand over his first term as the state’s CEO, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where he’s been a thoughtful leader who’s looked out for his constituents first and foremost.”

Cooper’s opponent, Forest, is too reactionary for North Carolina, they write, and “a man married to ideology instead of logic, and in the case of handling the pandemic, wishful thinking.”

In the race for lieutenant governor, the Post supports Yvonne Holley.

“[W]e believe Miss Holley, a Democratic state representative from Raleigh, is the hands-down better candidate. She’s a long-time center-left public servant who is making her first run for state office,” the Post writes.

Holley faces Mark Robinson, a first-time candidate who has refused to condemn vile remarks he posted for years on social media. Robinson also appeared with a controversial religious figure who spouted anti-semitism in a video last year.

“He’s a darling of the hard-right pro-Trump crowd who trashes Black voters as “slaves” to Democrats and accused former first lady Michelle Obama of being a man in social media posts,” the Post writes. “That’s no way to engender the support of 22% of the state’s voters, especially a first-time candidate on any level with no discernible platform for governing.”

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