Source: CNBC

CNBC reports on the key state of North Carolina in the 2020 election. Both parties see the Tar Heel State as an essential victory at the presidential level. For President Trump, few paths to reelection exist without North Carolina. The Biden camp sees the state within reach and is sending surrogates across the state like Senator Kamala Harris.

So far, early voters have turned out in record numbers. By the end of the first week of early voting, more than one in five registered voters had already cast their ballots. North Carolina is a “microcosm of shifting demographics throughout the country,” according to CNBC. “North Carolina could set the stage for a political shake-up with generational implications.”

Professor Chris Cooper from Western Carolina University says that the Tar Heel State is a perfect representation of American politics.

“It’s American politics, perfectly distilled, like an 18-year-old scotch,” Cooper told CNBC. “If the Republicans don’t win North Carolina, it suggests the GOP stranglehold of the South is lessening and may be gone.”

Apart from the presidential and senate races that have major national implications, Governor Roy Cooper is running for re-election. His victory along with gains down-ballot for Democrats in the General Assembly would put important goals like Medicaid expansion and increased teacher pay within reach.

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