Source: Coastal Review

Nine projects on the coast of North Carolina have been awarded millions in funding according to the Coastal Review. The money will help fund community resilience and wildlife habitat efforts.

These projects are intended to help the coastal communities recover from hurricanes. They will protect or enhance more than 20 miles of shoreline and nearly 8,000 acres of wildlife habitat, Coastal Review reports

“This new Emergency Coastal Resilience Fund supports conservation projects that strengthen natural systems at a scale that will help protect coastal communities in the states that were impacted by these disasters from the future impacts of storms, floods, wildfires, and other natural hazards,” Jeff Trandahl, CEO and executive director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, said.

The State Department of Environmental Quality has been awarded more than $1 million. Other departments in North Carolina have received comparable amounts.

“The Division of Coastal Management is focused on improving the resilience of our communities and natural resources to coastal storms and flooding,” said Division Director Braxton Davis in a press release. The money will help local governments prioritize and plan for strategic infrastructure investments, he added.

Other projects include funds for estuaries and shorelines, protecting against shoreline erosion and restoring habitats.

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