Source: National Review

The conservative magazine National Review says “This is a rough year to be a down-ticket Republican.” 

North Carolina takes center stage in the article with the magazine noting that it “is a key swing state in the presidential race, has one of the top five or six most important and competitive Senate races this cycle, and also a governor’s race this year.” 

The Tar Heel State has seen competitive races for top-tier elections in the past few cycles, yet the gubernatorial contest is not shaping up to be nearly as competitive as one would expect.

“You would think the Republican candidate in the gubernatorial race, Dan Forest, would at least be in the ballpark against incumbent Democrat Roy Cooper. But Forest is trailing badly — by 14 points in the most recent poll, and by 20 in one in July,” the author writes.

Additionally, incumbent Republian Senator Thom Tillis is “consistently trailing by a few points” in his race against Democrat Cal Cunningham.

“Tar Heel State Republicans have their work cut out for them,” the article concludes.

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