Source: NBC 25 News 

Governor Cooper joined a coalition of 12 governors across the United States calling for the federal government to allow a special enrollment period of at least 30 days on the federal health care exchange, according to NBC 25 News.

“Too many of our constituents are uninsured or under-insured despite the steps we’ve taken at the state level,” the governors wrote in a press release. “As a result, far too many of our residents are choosing to forgo coronavirus testing and treatment out of fear of the potential costs to themselves and their families.”

“In a time of a fast-moving pandemic, taking every step possible to expand access to health insurance is not just a responsible choice for the health of the individual, but also for the health of our communities, our states, and the country,” the governors added.

Typically, the federal government allows special filing enrollment periods in dire circumstances. According to the New York Times, though, “the Trump administration has worked to shorten enrollment periods and tighten eligibility rules for those seeking exceptions.”

Governor Cooper has advocated for expanded access to health care, particularly Medicaid expansion. North Carolina is one of just 14 states yet to expand Medicaid. Doing so would cover some half a million North Carolinians who are currently uninsured.

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