Source: ABC11

As a captain and defender on “the most dominant women’s soccer team on the continent,” Abby Erceg has her work cut out for her. She has shown a proclivity for the game, but the real work is put in outside the limelight. Staying fit, even during quarantine, has been a focus for her, ABC11 reports.

“I think just seeing someone else push themselves to a limit, to their own personal limit is quite motivational for other people,” Erceg told ABC11.

Erceg tries to lead by example on the field and in workouts. 

“I found that just setting a standard for myself can be kind of motivational in itself for the rest of the girls,” she says.

Erceg has gotten creative with her workouts during quarantine and the work has paid off beyond her personal health. Her social media following has grown and she regularly fields requests for workout plans.

“I think having a secondary thing away from the field is something that can motivate me, especially in the offseason, and I found that it’s something I can kind of grasp on to,” she said.

The work keeps her centered and has been a way to focus her energy. “It’s a psychological evaluation if you will,” she said. “You’ve got to push through reps, and you’ve got to push quite hard sometimes to get the results that you want, and I find that translates well to on the field.”

Last year, Governor Cooper honored the Carolina Courage team at the Executive Mansion. A number of players also participated on Team USA, who won the World Cup.

“You make us so proud for how you represent the Courage (and) for how you represent the talent of North Carolina,” the governor said. “And how you represent the voice of change.”

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