Source: News & Observer

As Governor Cooper issued his plans to allow schools to reopen safely this fall, Lt. Governor Dan Forest was quick to politicize the issue, according to the News & Observer. Forest took to the airwaves, lobbing attacks against the governor on a conservative talk show even as he skipped work regularly over the past few months as he seeks higher office.

But when reporters reached out to the Forest campaign from the News & Observer, Forest apparently had not put any thought into what his preferred plan would be: “When asked by The News & Observer what Forest’s plan would be if he were in charge, Forest campaign spokesman Andrew Dunn said to “stay tuned” for details in the future.”

Forest has had ample opportunities to provide input into the school reopening process. One of the few jobs he has as lieutenant governor is participating as a member of the State Board of Education, yet he regularly skips meetings. Since the onset of coronavirus, Forest has missed half of the board meetings, “including debates and votes on issues like remote learning plans.” 

Forest continues to play hooky on his current job while criticizing Governor Cooper, but offers nothing of substance in terms of how he would run the state were he to win. When Forest could have had an impact on school plans, he opted to skip the meetings. When asked how he would lead, Forest wasn’t sure himself.

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