Source: News & Observer

In the days leading up to Hurricane Florence, many candidates halted their events instead of campaigning during a crisis. Not Dan Forest. On September 12, 2018, while Hurricane Florence approached North Carolina, he joined with Republican donors at a fundraiser for a state senate candidate. The event was held at a Trump National Golf Course, according to the News & Observer.

“Our first thought should be about the safety of constituents. Instead, they have once again put themselves first by deciding to hold a fundraiser while many constituents were preparing for the worst,” one legislative candidate told the News & Observer.

Even after Hurricane Florence subsided, Dan Forest was focused on other things. On October 16 the state Board of Education held an emergency conference call to address concerns about testing requirements in the aftermath of the disaster. Forest was not present, according to the meeting minutes. 

That followed a pattern: In the first meeting of the State Board on October 3, the first after the hurricane, Forest was marked as present but never voted on any agenda items. In 2012, while running to be Lieutenant Governor, Forest told the Hickory Daily Record that he “will be there” for every state Board of Education meeting. Since taking office, he’s missed nearly half.

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