Then-candidate Dan Forest was seeking the job of lieutenant governor in 2012 when he told the Hickory Daily Record that he “will be there” for every meeting of the state Board of Education. Flash forward to 2020 and his promise looks half-kept.

According to the minutes, Forest missed 44% of state Board of Education meetings since 2013. His attendance record has been equally abysmal during the COVID-19 pandemic where he has also missed 44% of meetings since March of 2020. 

The attendance rate for other important roles for the lieutenant governor is also low. Forest has missed 84% of the Board of Community Colleges meetings; over 75% of Military Affairs Commision meetings; and more than ⅓ of state Senate sessions. In 2018 specifically, Forest missed more than 70% of state Senate sessions.

Forest’s conflicting schedule during meetings tends to favor campaign events. He regularly attended fundraisers on days when meetings took place, or in other instances he did television interviews on Fox Business or talked with conservative radio hosts.

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