Source: Indy Week

Dan Forest has made his lack of belief in science and public health experts a centerpiece of his campaign for governor. In September, the Cooper campaign released an ad with a quote from Forest where he says, “I would lift the mask mandate for the state.” Forest not only doubled down on the quote — he shared it on his own page, touting his lack of interest in expert opinion, Indy Week reports.

As the Cooper administration navigates how to reopen schools in a safe, responsible fashion, Forest takes the opposite approach. He says he would reopen all schools and send people back without masks on, calling it a personal choice. Despite public health experts saying quite the opposite, Forest claims that only the most at-risk should wear them. That’s not true, experts say.

“It was stunning to hear my opponent, the lieutenant governor, say last week that as governor he would fill up every classroom immediately with no safety guidelines and no mask requirement,” Cooper said at a forum. “Not only is that wrong, it’s dangerous.” 

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