Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest has a long history of opposing health care for North Carolinians and, now that he’s seeking the top job in the state, still has no concrete plan to bring coverage.

Medicaid expansion would bring health care coverage to more than half a million North Carolinians but Forest has maintained his opposition since it became available seven years ago. His history on health care has been colored more by what he opposes than what he would provide if elected.

When he was running for lieutenant governor in 2012, Forest supported North Carolina opting out of the newly implemented Affordable Care Act. A year later, once in office, he joined with then-Governor Pat McCrory to oppose Medicaid expansion. Since then, 39 states have expanded Medicaid, including Indiana under Mike Pence as governor.

As recently as last year, Forest supported legislative Republicans who refused to add Medicaid expansion to the budget, despite bipartisan support from elected officials across the state and nearly 80% of North Carolinians in polls.

Now that Forest is running for Governor, he still has no plan for health care coverage. He refused to answer a questionnaire from WRAL that asked, among other things, what his top three goals would be as governor and how he would bring health care coverage to those without it.
“They’re not the issues the people of North Carolina really care about,” his campaign said.