Source: WRAL

Lt. Governor Dan Forest refused to answer any of the questions asked by WRAL for their voter guide. WRAL asks candidates a number of questions to be published in their voter guide so voters are informed about their decisions entering the voting booth. 

Forest received the same questions as Governor Cooper and the same questions were posed to lieutenant governor and General Assembly candidates. A similar question list was sent to other candidates in Council of State races. WRAL says Forest was the only candidate to complain about the questions.

Among the questions that Forest refused to answer were: “If elected, what are your top 3 priorities?”

Forest’s spokesman said the questions “don’t reflect reality.” He added they are “not the issues the people of North Carolina really care about.”

One question on the list that, according to Forest, North Carolinians don’t care about: “Do you support expanding Medicaid to provide more North Carolinians with health coverage during the pandemic? If not, how do you propose caring for these people?”

Despite Forest’s claims, a recent poll showed that 77% of North Carolinians support expanding Medicaid.

Forest’s spokesman followed up with a list of “the real questions that should be asked,” though they did not answer those questions either.

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