Source: Washington Post

Lt. Governor Dan Forest went out on a limb at a recent in-person, maskless campaign event when he suggested that presidential candidate Joe Biden would not live long enough to be sworn in, the Washington Post reports.

“Several Republicans have made an issue of Biden’s age during the presidential campaign, but few have gone as far as North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest (R), who suggested at a campaign event Sunday that Biden might not live to see Inauguration Day 2021,” the paper reports.

Speaking at the indoor event where few wore masks, Forest said, “I mean, we all know that Sleepy Joe probably won’t make it to January 20th. So Kamala Harris, good chance she could be your president.”

Biden is just three years older than President Trump.

The Washington Post also notes that despite what was expected to be a tight race, polling shows Governor Cooper with a steady and substantial lead over challenger Dan Forest. Cooper has received positive marks for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic while Forest has discredited masks, intends to shake as many hands as possible, and has lost a lawsuit attempting to overturn the governor’s executive orders.

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