Source: News & Observer

North Carolina Republicans are continuing to disregard public health guidelines, the News & Observer reports

“In the middle of a pandemic, there’s no such thing as a gathering that’s 100% safe,” said Pia MacDonald, infectious disease epidemiologist in North Carolina. “The word ’safely’ is a misnomer.”

MacDonald also added that, “If you play with fire, you get burned. There’s no way around it.”

Now, because of a number of Republicans in Washington contracting the virus, the potential for political connections to spread from the nation’s capital is rising, the News & Observer reports.

Ivanka Trump visited Gaston County recently for an event with the North Carolina Republican Party. She appeared without a mask with groups of people, the paper reported. The pattern continues with other Republicans, like NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley who attended a large event with no masks or distancing.

That style of campaigning has been the game plan all along for Dan Forest, the current Lt. Governor who is facing Governor Cooper this November.

Forest has held a number of indoor events where attendees go maskless and are packed together. He went as far as saying that he planned “to shake as many hands” as he could over the course of the campaign. 

The Cooper Campaign recently highlighted in a television spot that, despite putting North Carolinians in harm’s way during his fundraising events, Forest doesn’t even have a plan to get health care to North Carolinians. He opposes Medicaid expansion, a policy goal for Governor Cooper that 77% of North Carolinians support.

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