Source: News and Record

Every year after their spring dance concert, seniors at Eastern Guilford High School receive a rose. But this year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the spring dance was canceled along with many other events, like prom and graduation, that seniors look forward to as they finish their high school career, according to the News and Record.

One student who was slated to be in the final spring dance was overheard saying that she was sad to miss the event and flower. Angie Greene, the dance teacher, overheard that conversation and, as the News and Record puts it, “an idea bloomed.” 

“I thought, ‘well I can fix that,’” Greene told the News and Record. “I can’t fix that we aren’t going to perform, but I can fix that you aren’t going to get a rose.” 

The plan went into effect on a Friday morning, when Greene and her daughter purchased 21 white roses from a local florist. The rest of the day the mother-daughter duo traveled around the county delivering the roses to seniors who were not going to be able to dance in the spring recital.

While Greene met students and dispersed her roses, she made sure to invite them to return this winter so they could perform with the high school group.

“Anytime you have an art where you are out in public, everybody sees your successes and failures and I think that changes your relationships with teachers,” Greene told the News and Record. “They have to be vulnerable enough to trust me, to take that feedback, and become better at what they are doing.”

Some of the encounters conjured tears, but Greene encouraged the students to keep their distance, for now. “Don’t cry,” she told them, “I can’t hug you.”

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