Source: Daily Tar Heel

The Duke Lemur Center is now home to a nephew and grandson of the famous lemur Zoboomafoo, according to the Daily Tar Heel.

Terence the lemur is the nephew of Zoboomafoo, and he was born on January 21 this year. Didius is the grandson of Zoboomafoo, born the day after Terence. Both the lemurs are Coquerel’s sifaka lemurs, like their relative Zoboomafoo.

“The arrivals of these two infants remind us, even in difficult times, of the power that lemurs have to make us smile,” Greg Dye, executive director of the Duke Lemur Center, says on the center’s website.

Megan McGrath, who serves as education programs manager at the Duke Lemur Center, says the young lemurs are getting braver and more independent.

“I watched as Didius got really brave and hopped off his mom, Gisela,” McGrath said to the Daily Tar Heel. “And then Gisela went off into another area of their enclosure, and Didius got a little less brave and did a little lost call for her, and she immediately hopped back over and he climbed onto her, and he climbed around with her.” 

Even as the coronavirus affects regular life, the Duke Lemur Center continues to operate, albeit without public tours.

“The lemurs don’t know what’s going on in the outside world. For them, everything is the same,” Sara Clark, director of communications, said to the Daily Tar Heel. 

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