Source: News & Observer

Durham has been selected as the location for another gene-therapy jobs expansion, the News & Observer reports. Beam Therapeutics, a Boston-based biotech company, plans to bring 200 jobs to the area in the next few years.

According to the North Carolina Department of Commerce, the average salary for the new jobs will be $102,000, well above the median salary in Durham. Beam is expected to invest in an $83 million facility over the next few years, according to the News & Observer.

Beam uses technology to create therapies for diseases, the paper writes, “to either remove mutations that cause disease or modify genes to make them protective against certain diseases.” The group plans to stay working in research and development.

Gene-therapy companies are becoming commonplace in North Carolina, thanks to an incentives program in recent years, according to the paper.

“Research Triangle Park is a thriving biopharmaceutical hub, providing significant access to the broad range of talent we will need to make this vision a reality,” John Evans, Beam CEO, said in a statement.

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