Source: Spectrum

North Carolina is the premier battleground in 2020 for races up and down the ballot. Tar Heel voters are turning out in record numbers, with 1.6 million people already casting their ballot by the first Sunday of early voting. That represents more than 20% of registered voters, Spectrum reports.

“People are motivated with a passion,” Jerome Brown, chair of the Wake County Voter Education Coalition, said. “We didn’t see that in 2018.” 

Brown also told Spectrum that most voters have already made their minds up about the candidates they support. He also told the outlet that there have not been any issues at the precinct where he hands out literature in Raleigh. “People have been very respectful.”

A recent court decision ensured that voters would be able to have their absentee ballot counted if it is received after the election as long as it is postmarked by Election Day. The court wrote, “The extension merely allows more lawfully cast ballots to be counted, in the event there are any delays precipitated by an avalanche of mail-in ballots.”

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