Source: Charlotte Observer

Governor Cooper has made the right decision on reopening schools in North Carolina, according to a number of editorial boards. 

“It was a tough call from Cooper, but the right one. Given a choice between opening schools as usual or limiting them to remote instruction, he picked a middle course. He balanced risks and benefits and chose an option that’s the least undesirable,” the editorial board of the Charlotte Observer wrote.

There are no easy options, but Cooper has selected the best of the three available. To be successful, schools will need to follow existing guidance issued by Governor Cooper to help curb the spread statewide.

“The challenge for state and local leaders, and for parents and teachers and school volunteers, is to find a way to bring children through the fog of this pandemic in a way in which they can continue to learn and grow. Cooper has encouraged schools to take the most flexible path. A rise in infections may require turning back, but for now it is the best way forward,” the Charlotte Observer editorial says.

The Fayetteville Observer Editorial Board echoed the sentiment: “We believe Cooper’s decision, giving parents and school system’s flexibility, was a good one.”

The editorial highlights the importance of flexibility, which Cooper is giving to school systems as they navigate reopening this fall.

“For now, many North Carolina families are understandably cautious. Cooper’s decision allows them the flexibility to take every step to protect their children; for many that will mean remote learning only this fall,” the editorial concludes.

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