Source: CBC

In an editorial that lambasted the Republican spending plan, the CBC Editorial Board contrasted what it called Governor Cooper’s “expressway to the future” with the legislature’s “pothole patching.”

“The General Assembly’s leadership – particularly the Phil Berger-led Senate – offers a spending plan that hardly fills a pothole mostly of their own creation. It fails to fully deal with the deep financial crisis and the unprecedented health pandemic we now confront,” the board writes.

On the other hand is Governor Cooper’s proposal, which speaks to the urgency of the moment and offers timely solutions.

“Gov. Roy Cooper offers a spending plan by comparison that does more than merely fully repair the road. It provides an expressway to the future when the crisis passes. The budget adjustments he proposed – none of the items are big surprises nor ideas that require extensive examination – don’t just help those most in need today with economic, education and health support,” the board continues.

The editorial notes that Republican leadership in recent years has set the state up poorly to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. “They planted the seeds of today’s bitter harvest,” the author writes, adding:

— It is the General Assembly and former Gov. Pat McCrory who enacted the nation’s stingiest unemployment benefits to grant an unnecessary tax cut to corporations.

— It is the General Assembly that has limited access to health care by its mean-spirited refusal to extend Medicaid to more than a half-million deserving citizens.

–It is the General Assembly that sided with the big telecommunication providers and enacted laws that made it more difficult and expensive to extend broadband access into rural and underserved communities.

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