Source: Salisbury Post

The Salisbury Post Editorial Board noted that Lt. Governor Dan Forest has once again “thumbed his nose” at established scientific advice in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The Cooper for North Carolina campaign released a graphic that highlights Dan Forest’s dangerous suggestion that, if elected, he would remove the statewide mask mandate. The Forest campaign shared the graphic on their own social media pages, “as if to say ‘Yes, that’s correct,’” the Editorial Board writes.

Forest’s campaign shared the graphic to confirm their disregard for science and safety that health officials have outlined time and again.

“By copying and pasting the same graphic, Forest thumbed his nose at the fact that masks are one part of preventing a worsened outbreak,” the Editorial Board adds.

The mask mandate will not last forever, the Editorial Board continues, but now is not the time to lift it.

“The country is still in the middle of the pandemic, and wearing masks is one part of a trio of things the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends to mitigate coronavirus spread. Lifting the mandate entirely sends the wrong message about the state of the outbreak,” the Editorial Board notes.

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