Source: WRAL

The CBC Editorial Board wrote a blistering editorial that outlined all the ways Lt. Governor Dan Forest has shown himself to be unfit for a job promotion this November:

“He’s a soothsayer, darkly predicting that Joe Biden will die before the Jan. 20, 2021 presidential inauguration.

He’s a medical and public health expert, proclaiming that ‘masks do not work with viruses.’ At a recent news conference when asked if he’d require masks for students, teachers and staffs at public schools, he responded: ‘No. I don’t think there’s any science that backs that up.’”

Though he touches on each of these topics in his campaign, Forest actually is “none of those. He’s an architect.”

The editorial criticizes Forest for repeatedly suggesting Biden would die before Inauguration Day. “Predicting a presidential candidate’s death. What kind of comment is that to make?” the editorial asks

Forest has shown his true self during the course of the campaign, the editorial concludes.

“His clueless, careless rhetoric on the hustings is telling voters one clear thing — someone who doesn’t care about facts disqualifies themselves from leadership and certainly should not be governor.”

Read the full editorial from the CBC.