Source: News & Observer

The News & Observer Editorial Board wrote that Republicans are being forced to take the coronavirus seriously. But, make no mistake, their lack of seriousness to this point has harmed people.

“To be clear, no one should be gloating when officials come around on the virus, because that acknowledgment usually comes after COVID has risen to dangerous and costly levels. Certainly, no one should take joy when a coronavirus skeptic is suddenly confronted with the virus in a personal or deadly way, as is happening with more regularity,” the editorial states.

One example of powerful leadership amidst the coronavirus cited by the editorial is North Carolina’s Roy Cooper. His leadership exemplifies the “value of caution,” as the editorial puts it.

“North Carolina has avoided the spikes that are hitting Sunbelt states, thanks in part to Gov. Roy Cooper’s thwarting of Republican attempts to accelerate reopening. Governors who were less careful have now scrambled to pull back on reopening or reverse course on masks. ‘COVID-19 is not going away,’ Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said earlier this month as he issued a statewide mask mandate. ‘In fact, it’s getting worse.’”

“The numbers just do not lie,” Alabama Republican Governor Kay Ivey said, and that is why leadership that relies on public health expertise is essential. North Carolina has that leadership, and has had it for months, in Roy Cooper.

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