Source: News and Observer

Republican State Senator Bob Steinburg posted a false video on his Facebook that promoted “alternative COVID-19 treatments,” the News & Observer reports. Facebook removed the video for being untruthful.

Steinburg apparently has a penchant for sharing misinformation on his social media, having multiple posts removed from Facebook for sharing what was determined as misleading information, the News & Observer reports.

“We’ve removed this video for making false claims about cures and prevention methods for COVID-19,” Facebook told the N&O. “People who reacted to, commented on, or shared this video, will see messages directing them to authoritative information about the virus.”

“It is completely inappropriate for a sitting Senator to be actively spreading disinformation, especially in a time of crisis,” NC Democratic Party chair Wayne Goodwin said. “As public officials, we take an oath to protect and serve — these actions betray that duty.”

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