Source: CBS17

In the single debate between Governor Cooper and Lt. Governor Dan Forest a number of falsehoods were repeated by Forest. Fact checkers went back to see if his statements held water, and in a number of cases they did not, CBS17 reports

During the debate, Forest suggested that kids were not at a risk with regard to the coronavirus.

“Our kids are not even at serious risk from coronavirus. Seventeen times more likely to die from the seasonal flu than they are from coronavirus. Kids are not impacted,” Forest said at the time. It’s a claim he repeats even though it has already been debunked by other fact checkers.

CBS17 reported on the claim and said that the quote misrepresents the findings of a study referenced in an editorial from the Wall Street Journal. While children do have a slimmer chance of dying from coronavirus, the seasonal flu is not 17 times more deadly. 

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