Source: News & Observer

Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Mark Robinson stands by his offensive remarks on social media. Multiple outlets, including WRAL and the News & Observer, have reported on the troubling comments he has made. Among Robinson’s remarks are “derogatory comments about transgender people, Muslims, a Jewish filmmaker, former President Barack Obama and fellow Black Americans who support Democrats,” the News & Observer reports.

The N.C. Republican Party refused to comment on the story when asked by the News & Observer. Nor did Robinson’s campaign, the paper reports

Lt. Governor Dan Forest, who is running alongside Robinson, was supposed to address the controversy. “Yeah probably will sometime, I will,” Forest said

Despite holding a joint rally with Robinson on October 15, Forest has yet to address the vile remarks. 

Robinson is running against Yvonne Holley, who criticized the divisive nature of his posts.

“It incites and divides people,” she said. “It’s really important that we bring people together now.”

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