Source: Charlotte Observer

North Carolina’s longest-serving governor wrote an op-ed for the Charlotte Observer explaining how important it is for us to have strong leaders making decisions as the state looks to reopen schools this fall. While that leadership is hard to find at the federal level right now, former Governor Hunt points to now Governor Cooper state level for inspiration.

“The president wants life to return to normal. I do too. But we can’t do that until we get this virus under control, and bullying schools to fully reopen without safety protocols in place – the way the Trump administration has in recent days – is exactly the wrong approach,” Hunt writes.

Other states have had less capable leadership that pushed to reopen too quickly, Hunt continues: “In states like Arizona, Texas and Florida, we’ve seen the devastating consequences of reopening too soon without proper health guidelines in place. Anyone who thinks that our schools are somehow safe from the spread of the coronavirus clearly hasn’t been paying attention to what’s happened over the last few months.”

Governor Cooper is taking the right approach, Hunt suggests, by giving districts flexibility.

“Here in North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper understands that to get back to normal, we have to stop the spread of the virus. His ‘Plan B’ approach to reopening our schools sets in place critical safety guidelines while giving local leaders, school administrators, and parents the flexibility they need to make the decision that best fits their needs. Furthermore, our local boards of education are doing an exceptional job laying out the best approach for each county, and I commend them,” Hunt writes.

Read the full op-ed from Governor Hunt in the Charlotte Observer.