Source: Winston-Salem Journal

Former State Superintendent June Atkinson writes in a column for the Winston-Salem Journal that the federal government has been lackluster in its response to school reopenings.

“The federal government’s push to reopen schools disregards science and ignores the negative consequences that hasty reopenings have already had in Arizona, Texas and Florida,” Atkinson writes. She calls for a national strategy that makes sure schools can reopen safely.

“Our schools deserve a national strategy that gives state and local governments funding and support to reopen in a way that safeguards our communities and gives our children the education they need to succeed. We should work closely with public health experts to provide a road map to our school districts that prioritizes public safety and the health of our students. It’s not just about our students’ well-being, either. It’s the families, the grandparents, the educators, the staff and the entire community that revolves around our schools,” Atkinson writes

Working with Governor Cooper to implement a smart plan should be a priority.

“We need to do everything in our power to implement a road map for a safe reopening, and the federal government should work closely with Cooper to chart a path that makes sense for North Carolinians,” Atkinson concludes

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